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Becky Sarsam donated $100
Jennifer + Derek Woodgate donated $250

"Katherine, this is so wonderful! Have fun!:)"

Scot & Shevawn Adams donated $100
Joan Palmer donated $200

"Good luck tomorrow night!!"

Janice Turner donated $100
Franci Carr donated $100

"Can't wait to see you 'Strut Your Stuff' Katherine, we'll be cheering you on!!"

Cari Maclean donated $50

"Thank you for participating! Chair, Prancing with the Stars"

Kara Djurickovic donated $50

"Good luck Katherine! Make sure someone films you.. I want to see the Dancing Queen????"

Lynn Sullivan donated $100
Carolyn Cross donated $150

"Katherine I'm so sorry to miss your performance - what a talented woman - golf and dancing ! Thank you for what you are doing f"

Anonymous donated $50
Kirsty Taddeo donated $125

"You got this! Can’t wait to see you dance."

Rebecca Stainton donated $250
Kim Englisb donated $50

"So excited for you- go dance your a$$ off!! "

Thanh Vu donated $100
Erin & Dave donated $250

"We are so happy to contribute to this great (& fun) event... and we look forward to seeing all the "prancing"! ;)"

Anonymous donated $250

"Good Luck!"

Lindsay Mcknight donated $200
Moira Mckenzie donated $100

"Go Kathy! you got this!"

Nela Galea donated $250
Ryan & Nicole Hassan donated $1,000

"Can’t wait for this event! Well done Kath."

Anonymous donated $500
Jacqueline Burke donated $100
Robert Edwards donated $251

""I'm a Dancing Fool" Frank Zappa"

Daniel Edwards donated $100

"She's a maniac, maniac on the floor.. And she's dancing like she's never danced before. "

Michelle Chiasson donated $250

"????????????????????????⭐️⭐️⭐️ This and you will be awesome! I can’t wait! "

Orlando Mazzuca donated $250
Linda Campbell donated $1,000

"Dance your heart out!!!"

Bev Drouillard donated $250

"???????? You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your liiiifffe. ???? See that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the danc"

Jennifer Costello donated $250

"You're going to kill it girlfriend and I can't wait to celebrate with you!! "

Debbie Erickson donated $200

"Proud of you KD. Will be there to root you on every "step" of the way!"

Margaret Mckenzie donated $500

"Dancing Queen! You GO girl!"

Sandy And Omer donated $250

"Can't wait to see you in action!!!"

Jamie Dawick donated $2,500