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The Crew Franchise donated $250

"Beautiful work Jasmine ,looking forward to your next one!You’re amazing ????"

Lauren Jenkins donated $50

"What a wonderful thing you’re doing for these animals. Looking forward to all the dancing !"

Anonymous donated $50
Lenh Phu donated $50

"Jasmin, you are awesome!!!"

Jasmin El-Hamad donated $800

"Happy Birthday to me, giving the best gift to the animals! "

Charline Watling donated $500
The Crew Franchsie donated $300
Cari Maclean donated $50

"Thank you for participating! Cari MacLean -Chair, Prancing with the Stars"

Liz Still donated $50

"You’ll kill it Fam. Have fun! :) "

Laila Alwazani donated $50
Dean Peruzzi donated $100

"You’ll do great! Can’t wait to celebrate your win!"

Kathy Tang donated $100

"You’re already a STAR in our eyes Jasmin! Looking forward to watching you strut your stuff!"

Nhance Canada donated $1,000
Alexander Elhamad donated $1,000
Anonymous donated $100

"???? You've got this! S. ????"

Pam Franzone donated $250

"All the best, you can do it !!! Xo"

Yara Alatshan donated $50
Yasmene Salhia donated $50

"You are made for this! Rock on Fam!"

Lisa Delaney donated $250

"You are going to ROCK this girl!!! Can't wait to see all your practice come together. Xo"

Alison St.hill donated $50
Susan Oliver donated $200

"Can’t wait to see you prance on your twinkle toes for this great cause! Xo "

Jeanne & Jerry Lem donated $100

"Remember: Dancing is poetry with arms and legs. Good Luck! "

Abcon Construction donated $100
Nathalie Dufresne donated $100
Marisa Oldnall donated $200

"Go get ‘‘em Jasmin!!! Bring down the house and enjoy<3"

Dorothy Squires donated $50
Michaela Hutchison donated $100

"Have fun!"

Fasada donated $222

"Can’t wait to see your moves love! The animals are soooo lucky to have your heart and determination!! Xx"

Kimberly & Sebastiano Barbieri donated $150

"Best of luck- You got this!!"

Ela Doryani donated $50
Patti Randall donated $50
Nancy J donated $30
Deb & Chris Ovsenny donated $100
Adam Chetrat donated $50
Catarina Bosnjak donated $50

"Best of luck to you !!! "

Charline Watling donated $500
Zack Chetrat donated $50
Eva Potoczny donated $50

"Good luck Jazzz! I strongly believe you will win and collect the most $$$$! Your determination and will power is everything ! "

Anonymous donated $50