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$2,800 raised

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Pam Sully donated $50
Taj Kambo donated $100
Kelley Bryan donated $100

"Go Bryan!!!"

Horace Hinds donated $50

"Go fetch that title!! Make sure you stretch first....."

Anonymous donated $20
Sherif Henein donated $50
Khari Gaynor donated $50

"This is going to go viral!!"

Edgar Oblitey donated $50

"Go get 'em "B"!"

Don Sevilla donated $25

"Have fun!"

Eddie Gillis donated $50
Evolution Data donated $100

"You got this. "

Candace Hunt donated $25

"Break a leg Cuz ????"

Matt Damon donated $5
John Protacio donated $100
Anonymous donated $20
Anonymous donated $50
Raymond Tyghter donated $100
Meredith Bryan donated $50
Tracey Bryan donated $100
Joëlle Dorismond donated $100
Terry Fletcher donated $50

"Hey just channel ball, in and out plus a eurostep and you're going to nail it ;-) "

Cari Maclean donated $50

"Thank you for participating! Chair, Prancing with the Stars"

Marcia Rose donated $50

"Please do not break a leg ☺️ You're the best"

James Macdonald donated $150

"Oh I have seen Bryan dance! Bryan do dance! "

Jonathan Bryan donated $50

"Break a leg Bryan! Just not literally!"

Deborah Morris donated $25

"Prance Like No One's Watching! "

Paul Silander donated $50

"Represent the Humber Crew B!!!"

Tobin Lifchis Real Estate Group donated $30

"!! Good Job Bryan !! "

Will & Lisa Mcaleer donated $25

"Great cause for a great guy…time to show off your “Jimmy legs”!"

Monique Cadogan donated $50

"This is fantastic Bryan - thanks for the opportunity to support!"

Mark Porteous donated $50

"Best of luck Bryan!"

Darcy Bristol donated $50
Alberto Rodríguez donated $50

"Great cause. Best of luck amigo! "

Diane Mcaleer donated $25

"Neil & I are awed by this serious 'dance' commitment and wish Bryan all the best!"

Roger Woonsam donated $50
Ml Engineering & Inspection Services donated $100

"Roc City Crew!"

D & L B donated $100

"Good Luck Guy!"

Anonymous donated $125

"Have Fun!"

Brad Lockey donated $100
Erica Kelly donated $100
Apryl Henry donated $25
Taj Kambo donated $50

"Looking forward to the show! "

D.b. Solutions donated $50

"I am so here for this and love that you're shakin' your tail feather for a such a good cause. Congrats, B! Proud of you!"

Nigel Ricketts donated $50
Sharene Mamby donated $50

"Shake a leg Bryan! Such a great cause! "

Bryan Mcclenaghan donated $100